5 Lesser-Known Apps for Listening to Religious Music

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Religious music has the power to uplift and inspire, providing a means of connecting with the divine.

While there are popular music streaming apps available, there are also lesser-known options that offer a diverse range of religious music to enhance spiritual experiences.

In this article, we will list five lesser-known apps for listening to religious music, providing an array of hymns, chants, and praises for those seeking spiritual moments anytime and anywhere.

Apps to listen to religious songs

Hymnal SDA

Hymnal SDA is an app specifically designed for Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church members and individuals interested in SDA hymns. 

It offers a comprehensive collection of hymns, including traditional and contemporary songs. 

The app allows users to search for specific hymns, bookmark favorites, and even provides sheet music for musicians.

Sacred Music Radio

Sacred Music Radio is an app dedicated to providing a vast collection of sacred music from various religious traditions. 

It offers a diverse range of genres, including chants, classical compositions, and modern interpretations.

Users can explore music from different faiths, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and more, providing a unique opportunity to experience a variety of spiritual expressions.


Navegante is an app that focuses on Catholic music, offering a wide selection of liturgical hymns, Gregorian chants, and contemporary Catholic songs. 

It provides an immersive experience with its curated playlists for different liturgical seasons and events.

Navegante aims to enhance the worship experience for Catholic believers by offering a comprehensive collection of music for personal and communal devotion.

Bhakti Radio

Bhakti Radio is an app that caters to the followers of Hinduism. It features a vast collection of devotional songs, bhajans, and mantras from different Hindu traditions. 

Users can choose from various genres, such as Kirtan, Bhajan, and Sufi music, providing a spiritually enriching experience. 

Bhakti Radio also allows users to create personalized playlists and share their favorite songs with friends.

SikhNet Radio

SikhNet Radio is an app designed for followers of Sikhism, offering a diverse selection of Sikh devotional music, including Shabads, Gurbani Kirtan, and Dharmik Geet. 

The app provides a platform for connecting with the Sikh community worldwide through its live radio channels and curated playlists. 

Users can explore different raags (melodic modes) and listen to the hymns of various Sikh Gurus and poets.


While popular music streaming apps dominate the market, these lesser-known apps provide unique and dedicated platforms for listening to religious music. 

Whether you’re seeking hymns from a specific denomination, exploring sacred music from various faiths, or delving into the devotional music of a particular tradition, these apps offer a wealth of spiritual melodies and chants.

By embracing these lesser-known apps, users can embark on a musical journey that complements and enhances their spiritual practices.